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Access to private and international airports

Personalized Accommodations

Ground Transportation

Plane-side vehicles

In-flight Catering

Available 24/7

Pet Friendly

No lines, no wait, no hassle.

business traveler

Private charter flights offer a range of advantages for busy professionals, including time-efficiency. Avoid the drive to international airports, Avoid the check-in lines, and Avoid the chaos of the airline terminals. Private air charter can easily fulfill multiple meetings in different cities in one day all while having the opportunity to remain productive while traveling. Navesink Aviation is on your time.


Leisure traveler

Take the stress out of traveling. Whether journeying alone, or with family and friends, private air charter ensures you spend more time enjoying your vacation instead of waiting in line at airport terminals. Charter brings the ability to reach more airports closer to your destination. When chartering with a group of people, private charter can be more cost-effective compared to commercial airlines. 

Fashionable Travelling Woman
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